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“Fashion is an excellent opportunity to express art, culture, civilization and to enrich peoples ‘consciousness’. We Italians, we like all peoples strengths and weaknesses. One of the virtues of the spirit is surprising originality. Equally important desire perpetuate I’m beautiful, professionals continue to attempt to identify the universal meaning of the word perfection.

I identify myself with this concept of beauty utopian idealist. Il serving a life of faith through group projects Mengotti and I believe that in Romania the concept of << Made in Italy >> is understood in all its depth and complexity. Small town they come from, Bassano del Grappa, has an important art museum and the region of Veneto has given birth Bassano Jacopo Tintoretto and Tiziano.

I travel a lot and always looking to see original artworks to better understand other cultures. Coming from a genuine medieval town, I made love for the purposes of historical identity of all civilizations and perception of beauty in all its forms: architecture, sculpture, painting, fashion.

“The concept of Made in Italy, due to its immense creativity is not just a symbol of style, elegance, beauty. Above all it is an element that unites all peoples of the world. “

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