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Mengotti, a family story

“Made in Italy”

Mengotti story begins back nearly 130 years, specifically in 1889, when Giovanni Mengotti open a hat shop in the heart of Bassano del Grappa, in the Piazza della Liberta.

In time, along with hats, shop and other elements begin offering clothing, ties, linen or denim, Giovanni Mengotti and son Giuseppe will target the most exclusive areas of the fashion business.

Adriano Mengotti took over a family business and successfully turned it into an empire, becoming today one of the leading players on the luxury Italian and Romanian.

Together with his son, Filippo, he developed further distribution, now reaching 12 stores, six in Bassano rest in Breganze, Valdano, Padova and Castelfranco.

Multibrand shop in Bucharest was inaugurated in March 2008, proposing and buyers of luxury in Romania the same concept on which is built the entire philosophy of the business group, “Mengotti in Veneto” which is nothing but a synonym of quality, refinement, modernity and taste the same time.

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